Nikka from the Barrel

Nikka from the Barrel

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A special little bottle.

"Notably balanced and elegant, the colourful palette of whiskies combines for tremendous depth of flavour. Soft, sweet butterscotch and orange peel meet poached pears and stone fruits. Earthiness appears as dried autumn leaves, coffee, old oak, and tobacco. Among the tangle of spices, tasters identified chili pepper, allspice, cloves, and universally adored its ginger note. Finally, wisps of smoke and sea salt. Overall, it feels generously malty, with the grain whisky lending broad sweetness and supple mouthfeel across the long finish." -- Jeffery Lindenmuth, Whisky Advocate


We like Japanese whisky (a lot) and this is a favourite bottle of the staff.

We would drink this neat or in an Old Fashioned. 

Nikka Old Fashioned 

60ml / 2oz Nikka From the Barrel 

7.5ml / .25oz Simple 

2 dash Angostura 

1 dash Orange Bitters 

Orange twist